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Our highly creative Instagram Marketing team will help you harness the power of 500 million (and growing) active customers. Being successful on Instagram takes more than posting pictures and videos. At Digital Links we make sure that you get maximum impressions and views through creative post design and help people track you through the right hashtags.

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At ‘DIGITAL LINKS’, we begin by defining our client’s goals which translates into strategies specific to your brand. The result! More followers, increased engagement rates, and deeper connections with your audience.

What we do

Creating Insta profiles

We create and manage your instagram account. Our designs are fresh and attractive and guarantee more clicks to your page. Remember not all profiles are the same. Businesses can make more effective use of some of the Instagram features than individuals. It is all about knowing which one works best for your needs. We can help.

Posting Curated Content

We curate content keeping in mind the technical restrictions of the tool. The dimension of your pictures, the choice of colour palettes, cohesiveness with your brand and the overall message – are all crucial when it comes to designing a Post. We make the best of the 1-minute videos allowed by Instagram. We also help you create Instagram Stories. Trust us, Insta stories work wonders for Businesses as much as for individuals.

Grow through contest and campaigns

We also help create contests and tag relevant instagrammers as influencers who can positively increase your brand awareness.

Cross Promotion

Our social media experts will earnestly engage in cross-promoting your brand tying in all your social media accounts to work in tandem to mobilise your brand.

Engaging, Monitoring and Analysing Instagram Activities

Make direct and lasting connections with your Followers by constantly acknowledging their feedback. We will help manage comments and feedback on your behalf and keep your followers coming back for more.

Making the best out of hashtags

At DIGITAL LINKS we help you pick the most current and trending hashtags on Instagram. The hashtags coupled with location tags help increase views for your insta posts.

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