Twitter Marketing

Your success is just 280 characters away

Success on Twitter takes constant engagement and interaction with the target audience. Building your brand and generating leads using Twitter Marketing depends on how well you understand this fast-paced tool. The Twitter marketers at Digital Links understand the tool and have used it successfully for many businesses. While a lot of marketers forget the power of Twitter chats, we delve right into it and use it to reach out to active Twitter users in your industry who will help retweet and spread the message.

Digital Links Twitter marketing strategy is more successful than others because we don’t just broadcast through tweets, we engage your followers through conversations.


We design ad campaigns and Twitter posts promote brand awareness and create lead sales. We closely monitor campaigns to give you insights and reports on the impact of your campaign.

Tweaking Twitter, The Digital Links way

  • We create impressive accounts.
  • Tweet with trending hashtags at the time when your users are most active.
  • Convert broadcasts into conversations and keep your followers engaged.
  • Create paid ad campaigns and ensure high Returns on Investment (ROI).
  • Use all features on Twitter to get the best out of the tool.
  • We keep track of events and seasonal holidays and push campaigns around special events using trending hashtags..


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