Wake Up To The Power And Benefits Of Email Marketing

Wake up to the power and benefits of Email marketing

Expand Your Reach through Email Marketing

As a small or medium sized business if you are considering the best marketing tool that allows direct access to your customers, then look no further. The answer is your Inbox, rather your customer’s inbox; wake up to the power and benefits of Email marketing.
Email marketing remains one of the most effective marketing measures as it helps you establish a more personal relationship with your customers. You control your reach and message. 88% of B2B marketing lead generation happens through emails. Reports by McKinsey cite that on an average, emails bring an order value that is at least three times higher than the average order value derived through social media posts.


Why Emails Over Other Marketing Tactics?

1. Email marketing is extremely efficient at targeting the right consumers and at a cost lesser than other
2. All of us check our inbox at least once a day. So there you have direct access to your customers that too
on a daily basis.
3. Automated email marketing tools make continuous and consistent communication with customers all the more
possible. E-commerce companies make use of this to the most to remind customers of things they left behind
in their cart, for drop-price notifications, promotions and lot more.
4. Unlike other marketing techniques, Email campaigns are more robust and immune from algorithm or platform
5. It is easy to measure the results of email marketing over messages posted in print or TV ads. You can tell
which email was opened, what links were clicked and how many of these converted to actual sales. These
ingredients can also give help you measure the Return on Investment.

If you are super curious to read more about the benefits of email marketing over other traditional methods, check this Harvard Business Review Study – Why is Email Marketing the King

Studies show that different industries and sectors respond differently to email marketing. For example, this eMarketer Survey reports 122% median ROI for email marketing while a HubSpot case study gave a result of whopping 2,600%. The point is proven.

That said, there is no short-cut to reaping the benefits of email marketing. You need to:
1. Understand the target audience,
2. Have well thought out strategies,
3. Schedule campaigns,
4. Draft impressive and actionable content,
5. Choose the right email marketing platform,
6. Have the knowledge of analytics, and
7. Use feedback to enhance marketing tactics further.
This is why you need a team that knows the business and art of email marketing.


Segmented Email Campaigns by Digital Links

At DIGITAL LINKS we specialise in bespoke email marketing campaigns. Though the copy and message in the emails is paramount, there is more to email marketing than drafting effective messages.
We start by sifting through your customer list – existing and potential. We contribute to it from our customer contact database if need be. We segment them for effective campaigning. We then carefully draft engaging email content, schedule the frequency of releasing emails and help you follow up. We don’t stop there. Targeted email campaigns are our speciality.


Spam safe emails from DIGITAL LINKS

At DIGITAL LINKS we help you analyse the outcome and re-adjust our strategy to keep the readers in your sales funnel. As more businesses wake up to the advantages of this extremely powerful tool, inboxes are at the risk if being flooded with marketing emails. Many of these get filtered off by Spam-algorithms. But the professionals at DIGITAL LINKS ensure that your readers stay away from the unsubscribe button in your mail.
Our experience in digital marketing, specialised in email marketing, ensure responsive emails through creative and usable designs. This means your emails are accessible and deliverable in multiple platforms and formats.
So Email us to kick-start your email marketing strategy. Whether you are looking for an email marketing agency in Qatar and other emirates either for a little bit of help or full-fledged email marketing services, Digital Links is here. Our experts will help you get the most out of your email marketing budget.
Digital Links is a digital marketing agency in Qatar and we serve clients all over the GCC and UK. We focus on increasing our client’s revenue by making them visible online and by driving web traffic to their sites. In doing so, we use the best of Digital marketing, Email marketing and SEO practices. That is why our clients look no further when they want an SEO agency. As an SEO company, we pride in using ethical practices.

Saji Kannath is the Co-founder and CEO of Digital Links with over 15 Years of market knowledge. Saji Kannath is passionate about digital marketing and has partnered with companies to help bridge gaps in their digital marketing strategy. Saji Kannath is a strategic advisor and has worked with some of the big enterprises in the region helping them grow their market and push profitability. To this end, he taps into the potential of technology and modern approaches to Marketing.