Google Ads FAQ

How do Google Ads Work?

Google Ads help you to reach people who are already searching for the same things that you provide.

  • They are unique because they show your advertisement to the people who are already looking for the same products or services that you are selling.
  • Google Ads only show your ads to potential customers.

How to Start

  • Start with your destination. What do you want people to do? Do you just want traffic? Or do you want people to call you and order?
  • The next stage is to decide where your customers are. You can now choose the geographical area where your ads will be displayed; so that only people in certain areas can see it. It could be a country or a city.
  • Decide on a monthly spending limit called a budget cap. Your ad will be accepted by Google and anyone who searches for the same service you are offering will see your ad. Only people who are in the target area that you chose will see it. The beauty of Google Ads is that your money doesn’t get spent until someone actually clicks on your ad.

Do we have Different types if Google Ads Campaigns?

Here are three of the most common types of Google Ads Campaigns.

  • Search campaigns are usually text based, and they show up on a Google Search result page when someone is looking for the same service that you are offering.
  • Display Campaigns are image-based ads and they show up on websites frequented by clients, instead of showing up on Google search results.
  • Video Campaigns are brief videos – 6-15 seconds, that appear on YouTube videos; either before video starts or while it is running

What is CPC/PPC? (Cost per Click or Pay per Click)

Pay per Click is a form of advertising that has advertisers having to pay only when people click on their ads. Some people call it Cost per Click.

  • CPC (Cost per Click) or PPC (Pay per Click) means you pay only when someone clicks on it.
  • Cost per Impression means that you pay only when someone engages with your ad for example by watching your video.
  • Cost per Impression means that you only pay when someone sees your ad.

What is my Budget Going to Look Like?

You decide the budget you are going to start with. There is no minimum ad spend with Google Ads.

What are your Monthly Rates?

We put our expert consultants to work for you at only QR 499/Month.

I manage my own Google Ads account. How can Digital links consultants help me?

  • Our expert consultants can help you to reexamine your Google Ads account to identify any miss pending of money caused by poor targeting.
  • They might also correct your campaign structure of they notice something wrong.
  • Our consultants will audit your landing page as well as the web content and show you where you can improve.
  • When clients respond to your ad, they will land on your page – and they need to find relevant content.

What’re the other scopes involved in digital links google ads services?

  • We devise a strategy for bidding on important key words that clients frequently search for
  • Create great as copy + the kind that people will actually click on and make a purchase
  • We make changes to your website as needed to improve its performance
  • We monitor your campaigns daily to see that they perform well
  • We improve the quality of your ads, thereby reducing your cost per click
  • We work to raise your click through rate by choosing high potential key phrases
  • We have a monthly consultation with you to monitor performance
  • We track actual conversions to see that your ROI is acceptable
  • We report back monthly
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