Frequently Asked Questions

What is the least amount of time that I can contract Digital Links?

For our SEO package, we recommend six months minimum because that is when you will see the results in full effect. There are some results that you will begin to see within 2 or 3 months, but to see the best that we can do, you need to stay with us for six months.  After six months, most clients will choose to take a longer-term contract because they want to continue seeing the real results.

When will I start Noticing the Difference?

This varies from one client to another. While some clients will start witnessing a difference in a matter of days, others might not see any results until two or three months have gone by. If you are in a market that is more competitive, it will take longer to see results. If however, there isn’t as much competition in your market, you will start to see results a lot sooner. Customers who purchase the Platinum package will also see results faster.

Do I have to Supply the Content?

Clients don’t have to create content because we are here to do it. Our in-house expert team of copywriters, graphic designers, SEO experts, and bloggers are here to develop the content that you need for your website. If you already have content, we will help to enhance it so that it helps your website’s SEO performance.

Where are You Based?

Digital Links employees work from Qatar and the UK

How will I keep Track of what you Do with my Website?

Your opinion matters to us at every level of the project. We assure you that any alteration we make to your web content or to the design of your website will be done with your knowledge and approval. Digital Links’ value your opinion at every stage. All changes will need your approval. We have a Project Coordinator who will be notifying you by email of any changes and you will have a chance to approve or reject them.

How do I keep Track of how my Website is Doing? How frequent will be your updates?

As we work on our projects, we are constantly updating you on our progress. Every month, we submit progress reports with information on our activities, the search traffic on your blog, and how you are doing in search ranking.

How do I know that you will Understand the Dynamics of my Industry?

Our agency has the experience and the know-how, to track and analyze marketing trends in different sectors as well as industries. Marketing strategies are not one-size-fits-all, we have to take time to understand the nature of our clients’ businesses and any concerns they might have. Then we tailor our SEO strategies to their specific needs.

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