What if there was, in fact,
a short cut to success?
Companies have been guilty of under-estimating the power of twitter to grow their brands. They have therefore failed to take advantage of all the opportunities that it presents. Twitter is not just a haven for trolls. It is a dynamic and useful platform for building brand awareness and promoting your business.

Twitter makes it incredibly easy to target a niche market. There are over 360 million users currently on the platform and most of them can recommend your brand if they follow it.

What we Do

We work with companies to create customized Twitter campaigns that work well with the internal culture of the platform. We focus on creating brand awareness as well as making sales. We monitor out campaigns on a daily basis to deliver insights on the performance of the campaign.

Tweaking Twitter
The Digital Links way

Creating accounts

Creating accounts that appeal to users.

Creating hashtags

Creating hashtags that can go viral and make your brand the talk of the town.

Promoted tweets

Creating promoted tweets to ensure that your tweets reach your ideal customer.

Trendy, cutting edge, ads

Incorporating trendy, cutting edge, ads into the account of the company or brands.

Paid ad campaign

Creating paid ad campaigns and ensuring high Returns on Investment (ROI) through these campaigns.

Creating Linked tweets

Creating tweets hyperlinked to your company, brand or blog so consumers can directly land on your portal.
Why work with Digital Links?

Digital Links works to fulfil your objectives in Social Media Marketing by contributing meaningfully in relevant trending topics and Twitter chats. We compose original content and engage with followers. We also run targeted campaigns.

We have an expert team of Twitter campaign managers that comes up with optimized advertisements aimed at generating leads from visitors and making them into customers. We carry out your paid campaign, optimizing advertising campaigns to ensure that they are performing optimally.

How can you reach us?
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Social Media Marketing Package

The packages mentioned below are totally customizable – blend it, swap it, come up with your own of set objectives. Make your own perfect social media package with a budget you can afford!